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 Together with EARLI the University of Amsterdam (UvA)
and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU)

organised the EARLI 2009 meeting in Amsterdam.

The University of Amsterdam (the Graduate School of Teaching and Learning (GSTL) and the SCO Kohnstamm Institute) and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Centre for Educational Training, Assessments and Research - CETAR) have joined forces in organising the biennial EARLI conference in 2009. The conference will take place at the Vrije Universiteit complex.
The collaboration between these three institutes is reflected in the organisation of the local organising committee:
Prof. dr.Jos Beishuizen, chair (CETAR, VU)
Prof. dr. Gert Rijlaarsdam, programme manager (GSTL, UvA)
Dr. Thea Peetsma, social programme and sponsoring affairs (SCO Kohnstamm Institute, UvA)
Dr. Ron Oostdam, social programme and sponsoring affairs (SCO Kohnstamm Institute, UvA)
Gerrie Buijze, location manager (CETAR, VU)

Both universities have members in the Local Scientific Programme Committee.

The conference theme will be Communities of learners. Brown and Campione (1996) laid out the framework for the educational concept of the community of learners. In a community of learners students are treated as partners in the process of knowledge building. Together with teachers and researchers they work on conducting research in order to shed light on questions related to core concepts or big ideas in the domain of interest. Students become members of the community of learners as soon as they learn to adopt and apply the methods of research and rules for co-operation and communication which are generally adhered to in the community. Through the process of reflection students become aware of these methods and rules, which enables them to apply the methods and rules in new situations. In a community of learners students are allowed to access and use the same resources as teachers and researchers.

Gerrie Buyze
Conference Manager

Jos Beishuizen
Conference President


Pictures taken during the EARLI conference

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    Winners of the EARLI 2009 Awards:

    Outstanding Publication award 2009:

    Jannet van Drie and Carla van Boxtel
    University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    ‘Historical Reasoning: Towards a Framework for Analyzing Students' Reasoning about the Past‘ Educational Psychology Review 20 (2008) 87-110

    Oeuvre Award 2009:
    Erno Lehtinen
    University of Turku, Finland

    Erik de Corte Award 2009:
    Katharina Scheiter
    University of Tübingen, Germany